Types Of Lawyers Needed By Businesses

Businesses rely on interactions between its employees, the state, the community in which they are located, clients and different business stakeholders to thrive. However, these interactions not only require a valid explicit or implied contractual agreement but they also have social and legal implications. While social implications are easier to understand and mitigate, legal implications tend to be a little bit more technical and therefore require a technical expert such as a lawyer. We take a look at the types of lawyers that businesses require and why they require them.

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Employment lawyers

Hiring employees, developing and negotiating legally binding employment contracts, negotiating employment termination agreements, developing the employment policies in the firm, representation during legal suits brought about by employees or even representation in matters relating to unions are great examples of situations where businesses require the best employment solicitors. Blindly going about different employment matters may result in dire legal consequences. However, letting the employment law experts deal with these issues can mitigate a lot of employee related risks.

Tax lawyers

There are local, state wise and national taxation policies that all businesses need to comply with. These tax codes keep changing to accommodate changes in the business operating world. Keeping up with these changes in order to remain compliant requires the services of a qualified and experience tax lawyer. In addition this, the tax lawyer engages in legal tax planning activities such that the amount of taxes payable are minimised. They will also represent your business in tax disputes with the state, local authorities or the national government.

Business lawyer

This kind of lawyer provides legal advice on different issues pertaining ownership and management of a business. They can tackle issues ranging from business registration to mergers and acquisitions. However, in some cases, they may require the assistance of specialised lawyers to navigate some legal challenges.

Intellectual property lawyers

These lawyers will advise you on and handle matters pertaining patents, trademarks, copyrights and brand recognition either at a local, national or international level. They ensure that your competitors and others within your operating environment do not infringe on your intellectual property rights. They also ensure that your business is not on the offense when it comes to other people's intellectual property. 

While your business may not be at a position to retain different types of lawyers indefinitely, you may hire them on a need basis. This is especially important for small businesses that do not have the resources to hire such experts for extended periods of time. However, a general business lawyer is a necessity in the fast paced economy and therefore, where possible, you should hire or retain one on a permanent basis.